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August 28, 2016
by Chuck

Hillary Clinton Wants to Create a Crappy Job for You

There are so many, countless reasons to dislike Hillary Clinton, that it’s hard to understand why anybody would consciously bother voting for her, or spending so much time urging others to do the same. One example can be found in her current batch of campaign ads, which talk about “clean energy” and feature a promise to create umpteen million new jobs. The part about “clean energy” is horrible enough, but that’s grist for another dose of analysis. Her promise to create more jobs reflects the Democratic Party’s long standing policy of pretending to be Republicans. They can’t talk about any kind of solution to people’s economic problems, other than to promise more jobs.

The Democrats are promising more jobs, but in order to fulfill this kind of promise in this late capitalist, automated economy, most of these jobs will have to be shitty ones. People don’t want more jobs right now, they need cash, economic relief and so on. The Democrats fall back on tired campaign rhetoric about jobs that they’ve peddled for decades, while not proposing anything substantial, like slashing the military budget, raising the minimum wage, freezing rent increases, building new homes for the poor, freezing home prices, or abolishing student debts. All of these things would make a more immediate impact for working people and would help boost the economy. Jobs? We’re supposed to work our way out of the mess created by the neoliberal capitalist system?

We can see how resistant the Democrats are towards adopting anything that working people ACTUALLY WANT. The Sanders campaign inspired millions by talking about free college education, but the Clintonists treat that idea like it’s liberal anthrax. The Democrats aren’t even considering a general student loan debt jubilee, or wiping out long standing student debts. A student loan debt jubilee would enable many people to get out of the holes created by banks and universities. They could buy houses, do other basic things, maybe go on vacation. It’s been reported on how Millennials are desperate economically, with many of them living with their parents. This is not a situation that will be solved by creating more jobs.

The promise of more jobs also reflects the Democrat’s odious policies towards welfare reform, poverty reduction, and income inequality. Well, the Democrats aren’t really interested in the last two, but they decided that the only way they could respond to constant Republican bashing of poor and working people, was to do a more efficient job of fucking over poor and working people. Did they go to bat for poor people and the meager benefits we receive? Did they fight to expand programs and fund existing programs better? Did they do anything to put more money in the pockets of poor people (the only thing that ends poverty)? No, they passed “welfare reform.” Actually, that was a proud achievement of Bill Clinton’s term as President.

Welfare reform inflicted on poor people this insane program of tying work to benefits. The Democrats confirmed and institutionalized right wing Republican propaganda against poor people. This bullshit idea that the poor are lazy and that they need to be taught how to value work and having a job (any fucking job). The Democrats institutionalized these conservative moral belief about poor people. So now, poor people have to constantly apply for crappy, low-paying jobs, which don’t do anything to boost them economically. None of these jobs are on tracks towards skills or advancement to better-paying positions.

The constant stress of having to cope with this insane system and having to worry about losing your basic necessities, fuels alcoholism and drug addiction among poor people. It’s a way to cope with this insanity, but then these problem fuel conservative moral idiocy about drug addiction being moral failings.

The Democrats are promising new jobs in a late capitalist, automation-based economy that can’t generate those jobs. So the Democrats are essentially promising thousands of new, crappy jobs. It’s just another empty campaign promise that makes for a good TV commercial about jobs associated with “clean energy.” We’re talking less than a few thousand jobs, if you consider that manufacturing of this equipment will be by robots and automated factories. So, that leaves jobs installing clean energy products, which will be poor paid, but certainly not enough to make a difference for the millions out there suffering economically.

The Democrats are offering the usual Republican poison apples. Don’t eat the poison apples, don’t vote, and fight for class war!

August 28, 2016
by Chuck

Hillary Clinton and Trump’s Hats

As much as I dislike Hillary Clinton and can’t stand the Democratic Party, they’ve started airing a campaign ad that hits the ball out of the park. This ought to torpedo any hope Trump has of courting undecided Independent voters (all ten of them). It takes some of Trump’s ridiculous campaign messaging and mashes it up with his actual track record as a multi-national capitalist.

August 28, 2016
by Chuck

Verification isn’t a status symbol — it’s a necessary shield against harassment

In the midst of my ongoing fight with Facebook over my two consecutive month suspensions and Facebook’s censorship of Infoshop’s content and deletion of our page, I looked into what it would take to avoid the constant battle with censorship prompted by online harassment campaigns against us. Even large media pages must be the target of similar campaigns–Trump supporters probably have an irrational hatred of MSNBC, for example. Facebook has a “verification” system that puts a little seal of approval next to your page’s name. But when I looked into this, it appears that this is only available for bricks and mortar organizations and businesses.

There appears to be a similar feature over at Twitter, which is even worse when it comes to online harassment, which is mostly directed at women. Here is one woman’s account of trying to use Twitter’s verification system, to no avail:

Verification isn’t a status symbol — it’s a necessary shield against harassment

August 27, 2016
by Chuck

Banned by Facebook Again, Infoshop Page Deleted

You may have heard that I received my second one month suspension from Facebook in as many months. This time they also deleted, or took offline, the Infoshop Facebook page.

Here is my newest statement:

Chuck has been suspended by Facebook again for a month, the second such month suspension in as many months. The Infoshop FB page appears to be deleted after being suspended on Sunday for unspecified reasons. Another inactive volunteer has been suspended for 24 hours, while another active admin is still serving a month suspension.

Facebook informed us collectively today that we were suspended over the yellow and black “Black Lives Matter” icon we’ve been using as our profile pic for the PAST SIX MONTHS.

If you haven’t heard about our struggle with months of censorship by Facebook, you can find out more here:

The best way you can support us to is SPREAD THE WORD about this ongoing censorship. Don’t sit on your hands. Also, please make an effort to stay in touch with us through other channels. Please visit our news page ( regularly.

You can contact Chuck at, follow him on Twitter (@chuckzero) or visit his blog:

July 25, 2016
by Chuck

Trump vs. Clinton Thoughts

  1. If Trump is swinging voters in working class states because he is seen as the anti-establishment candidate, how can the Democrats complain about him when they’ve rejected a candidate who has credentials as fighting the establishment and fighting for the working class? The Democrats are running “towards the middle” right now, as evidenced by Hillary’s comments and their nomination of a conservative Democrat for VP. They’ve thrown away the main thing that would have helped them easily defeat Trump: an embrace of anti-1% politics as articulated by the Sanders movement and Occupy Wall Street.
  2. Some Democrats are arguing that Trump has to be defeated, because the world can’t afford to have a “crazy guy” who is “ignorant about the world” with his finger on the nuclear trigger. Yet, as the new Wikileaks docs indicate, Hillary Clinton already has shown a willingness to engage in nuclear brinksmanship. Her State Department argued for regime change in Syria, in order to please the Israeli nuclear apartheid state, which whined to the U.S. about the Iranian nuke program. We need a world free of nuclear weapons. That is the rational policy. Neither party has nuclear abolition as a priority or in their platforms.
  3. If it’s the case that Trump’s racist, xenophobic have resonated with many Americans, this suggests that the Democrats and the Left have failed to engage these people. The Dems can’t even organize their party to win state and local elections. They’ve rejected a candidate and rhetoric that would appeal to disaffected, angry working class Americans. None of us is doing more to present our politics to people in flyover country. Perhaps it’s time to do that. Focus on building anti-racism campaigns in the Midwest and South. Support BLM in these areas. Talk to people about anarchism and radical politics.

July 25, 2016
by Chuck

Political Roundup – July 25

It’s been a whirlwind for U.S. politics in the past week. I’m happy to see online comments from various friends indicating that they aren’t falling for the hysteria about Trump that the Democrats are using to push lesser-evilism. It’s pretty clear after the Wikileaks leak that the Democrats and DNC will engage in any political tricks to get elected.

The fact that the DNC was considering smearing Bernie Sanders as an atheist is beyond the pale for me. As an anarchist, voting has long been of the table for me for just about anything, but the Demos considering an appeal to religious bigtory seals the deal for me. It’s too bad that we are going to be subject to three more months of lesser-evilism whining from the Democrat true believers. Everything from nonsense about “it’s a privilege to not vote for Hillary” to all kinds of alarmism about Donald Trump.

One of the Democrat talking points this week is that Hillary Clinton has solid foreign policy experience and will be a more competent world leader than Donald Trump. Do they understand that they are making an argument for Trump? What the world needs now is a U.S. leader who is lazy, disinterested and outright hostile to the idea of the U.S. doing shit around the world. The scary thing about former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was that he was a man with an ambitious agenda. This is what set him apart from the average agency director. The world doesn’t need a “competent” Hillary Clinton sending U.S. troops here or there. She is more dangerous, because she was willing to engage in triangulation such as toppling the Assad government in Syria in order to please the Israeli apartheid state which was worried about Iran getting nukes.

Hillary is already a menace to world peace. She has a track record. She is the greater evil.

And now this bullshit about Putin trying to influence the U.S. election? Baiting Putin doesn’t sound like a card that a “competent” diplomat would play right now.

“I think it’s unfair that Debbie is taking all the heat for the DNC email scandal. After all, Obama is the real leader of the DNC. Debbie is Obama’s hand-picked surrogate. Obama should follow Debbie’s lead and cancel his speech tomorrow night. It’s only just.” ~ Jeffrey St Clair

Here are some more quotes and links that have caught my eye this weekend:

Hillary Clinton’s Dangerously Coherent Foreign Policy

Robert Kagan and Other Neocons Are Backing Hillary Clinton

Julian Assange: Choosing Between Trump or Clinton is Like Picking Between Cholera or Gonorrhea

The Democrats are choosing to jump on the terrorism hysteria bandwagon again:

One of Black Lives Matter’s Biggest Victories Is in Jeopardy

“After a supposedly disastrous, widely ridiculed convention, Trump is now up 5% He might be up 10 after the Democrats finish theirs….They continue to ignore working class issues and the rising animus toward interventionist wars at their peril. The fact that it all seems inexplicable to them will help seal their fate.” ~ Jeffrey St Clair

Even lifelong Democrats who supported Bernie Sanders said this election cycle left them irreparably disillusioned with the Democratic Party.

“The People Want Bernie” – Sanders Supporters Protest Hillary Clinton Nomination at DNC
Protesters at the Democratic National Convention made clear that Hillary Clinton had better not take their votes for granted.

DNC Email Leak: Jill Stein Predicts Bernie’s Future In The Graveyard of Social Movements, Gets Validated By Leak

“If you really thought the fascists were coming wouldn’t you want to arm yourself and your fellow anti fascists? I say this as someone fairly sympathetic both to gun control and to concerns about fascism. It’s only partly a snarky question. Another way of asking it is, isn’t voting for Hillary a somewhat inadequate way of fighting fascism? If you think the fascists are coming, what else are you doing about it?” ~ Liza Featherstone

Good as Goldman: Hillary and Wall Street

“Electing Hillary Clinton is a really bad strategy for avoiding the creep of the US political spectrum toward fascism.” ~ Erik Forman

“I’m fascinated that when having a discussion about voting, people invariably tell Black folks, “Your ancestors fought and died so you could vote.”

Then, when same said Black folks decide to vote for someone other than who is considered to be “the only choice”, they are told, “That’s not the correct way to vote.”

Which is it? Did our ancestors die so that we could vote, period, or did they die so that we would vote for the right candidate, as determined by others?” ~ Art McGee


June 3, 2016
by Chuck

Update on Facebook

Facebook has lifted its one week suspension of my account, but now it is interfering with my ability to discuss the situation. It must have some filter that blocks status updates that talk about Facebook and censorship. Here is the statement I tried to post today:

I’m back after my one week suspension from FB. I consider this action to be an act of censorship by Facebook against independent journalism and anti-racist activism. The reasons for my ban are hazy, but Facebook displayed a graphic that I had posted to the Infoshop FB wall. The graphic was a screenshot of a racist email we received. It was just a ranting sentence and the name of the person. I posted it as an example with the status “We get mail…” Facebook banned me for pointing out that racists exist, who send shit to us all the time.

Our page at Infoshop received dozens of racist messages last week in response to various memes that we posted. People saw that we use a “Black Lives Matter” icon as our status and assumed that we are an official arm of that movement. We are only firm supporters of that movement and put that graphic up to indicate our solidarity, much like the millions of people who changed their profile pics after the Paris attacks.

The image that got me banned.

The image that got me banned.

So people sent us racist emails, most of which were directed at African-Americans on welfare. One of our other admins received a one day ban during this time, stemming from a meme he posted about slavery and African-Americans being expected to work for free.

As you might expect, many of these racists are Donald Trump supporters. I checked quite a few of the profiles of the worst racists and their profile pics and walls were full of Donald Trump garbage. This doesn’t change my mind about not voting, or the fact that Trump and Clinton are equal evils. These horrible people exist out there and their ideas and actions are not going to change simply because we vote against a billionaire and for a millionaire.

Facebook has suspended some of the functions of our Facebook page. We can no longer add new people as admins. It’s pretty clear that they are censoring our presence on their platform. They haven’t responded to any of our appeals or complaints.

This incident has highlighted for me the importance of building our own independent, anti-racist media outside of Facebook’s walled corporate slum. While I will continue to participate here on some level, more of my activities will happen at my blog Please bookmark my blog and


The meme that got another admin banned for one day.